Why You Need To Try These Best Foods For Skin & Hair Health ?

It is safe to say that diet and nutrition really plays an important role in human and helping them to carry out different process necessary for survival. When there is lack of rich supply of foods to a human body, i.e. Shortage of vitamins and nutrients various complications like hair fall and dry scalp; skin disorders like acne, dry skin and weak immune system and prolong depletion of such vitamins levels can lead to other serious health issues. So in order to avoid such complications, one has to consume foods which are healthy and friendly to the system. We have created a list of food good for skin and hair health. These foods are rich in vitamins and nutrients and are readily available in the supermarket and departmental stores and can which will benefit if you especially have hair and skin issues.

Best Foods Good For Skin and Hair Health



Eggs are considered to be superfood as its source of vitamins like A, D and E. It contains a substance called Biotin which is known for hair growth. Lower levels of Biotin are known to cause hair loss.


Avocado is a fruit also known as ‘Butter Fruit’ is a packed with Vitamin E, Vitamin B and is a source of healthy fats especially Omega 3 acids. It helps in maintaining heart health and helps in removing dry scalp condition. Consuming avocados on daily basis is shown to reverse aging in many cases as it contains a high amount of Vitamin C.

Nuts & Seeds

Nuts are snacks from nature which are rich in fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc. Nuts such as Almonds, Peanut, walnuts, and seeds like Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds, and Quinoa, when taken in regular intervals, can be benefits in weight loss and help to maintain the elasticity of the skin.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolates contain rich antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help in fighting against common flu and when consumed in moderation helps in skin hydration. A bar of pure dark chocolate contains about 75% chocolate so when shopping looks out chocolate containing that number.


Berries are some potent sources of Vitamin C and it is packed other important minerals which are considered natural and superfood good for skin and hair health. Red Berries, Blue Berries and BlackBerries are some common examples of berries to add in your diet.