How To Layer Your Winter Clothes ?

The first rule about layering: always start with the thinnest item and build up from there. This ensures that your foundation is as slim-fit as possible, before adding more fabric to your look.

Choose slimmer fits

Which brings us to the thickness of winter clothes… It’s always better to layer thinner items, rather than trying to make a chunky knit fit under an oversized corduroy blazer. Try layering a fine knit jersey, under a slim-line, fitted denim jacket, under a light cardigan.

A great way to layer lightly is to wear your summer dresses, blouses, and mini skirts in winter. Wear a sheer blouse over a light long-sleeved top, pair it with a faux fur gilet, and you’ve got yourself a warm stylish outfit.

How to layer with style

Keep your outfit stylish and sleek with modern, tailored outerwear. You could really get away with wearing almost anything under a fitted trench coat. A great tip to keep in mind is to wear layers that look good on their own too. This way, you can add and remove layers as the day becomes warmer or cooler, and still look good.

It’s a balancing act

Figuring out how to balance your body shape while adding layers is key. Pear shapes will do well with skinny jeans and extra layers on the upper body (think: tops, knits and outerwear). Layering like this should create an hourglass silhouette.

For apple shapes, wearing a pair of tights (or three) under wide leg pants, while keeping the layering on the top half of your body minimal, is the best way to avoid looking bulky.

Choose one colour range

Wearing one colour in different shades will automatically elongate your frame while tricking the eye into believing you’re not wearing multiple layers.

When considering how to layer your clothing in winter, choosing sleeveless jackets are a great idea! It’s a win because you can wear as many tops under it as you’d like. Just keep your proportions in mind. Unless you have a smaller upper body (in which case you can wear sleeveless puffer jackets), rather opt for long-line sleek gilet coats.

Be conscious of proportions

Maintaining your body’s natural proportions is just as important as keeping the balance. You should never layer so much that your waist, shape of your legs, or bust is hidden.

When in doubt, add a belt

Whether you’re layering a poncho or a simple jacket, if you’re feeling unsure, add a belt over it. A belt will immediately cinch in your waist, giving you an hourglass, slender appearance. Be sure to position the belt at your smallest point for the desired effect.

For the curvy ladies

When it comes to layering for our beautiful curvy ladies, it becomes even more important to know how to layer without adding too much bulk. Of course, the above tips will work for you too, but these three curvy girl tips are especially great for you.

1. Limit layers to a maximum of three, anything more than that and you’ll risk adding extra centimetres to your body.

2. Build structure. Go for fabrics and clothing that is already structured. Instead of a slouchy top, rather layer with a structured winter blouse. Instead of baggy slacks, rather wear structured pants.

3. Aim to elongate. Creating the illusion of looking taller will stretch your silhouette. So throw on your heels and a long-line cardigan, and you’re good to go.

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